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"We feel privileged to add The History of the Star of David artwork to our museum's permanent collection and know people from all walks of life will relate to its beauty and learn of its history." Rositta E. KenigsbergPresident
Holocaust Documentation & Education Center & Museum, South Florida

“We are proud to be a corporate partner on such a culturally momentous project and help share The History of the Star of David artwork with the Jewish community worldwide”
Yoram ElgrabliManaging Director, North and Central America
EL AL Airlines

"We are elated to have Marc Bennett's The History of the Star of David in the atrium of our museum, where it draws visitors' attention with its bold color and intriguing images. His work conveys the long and complex history of the Jewish people, recalling times of tragedy and times of triumph, and suggesting hope for the future."
Beth Kean CEO
Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

"The magnificence of Bennett's artwork dazzles the eye, awakens the heart, and elevates the soul. And, it could not have come at a better time, while the smoldering ashes of European anti-Semitism are being rekindled throughout the world. This artwork is an empowerment of our Jewish survival and it is our hope that it will grace the walls of as many homes, synagogues and institutions as possible."
Dr. Alan Altman Formerly of Harvard Medical School
With wife Judi Altman, donated this art to Aspen JCC.

"Marc Bennett's The History of the Star of David is both a powerful evocation of Jewish history and a striking contemporary comment. Our synagogue is enhanced and our congregants moved by having this prominent artwork in our temple."
Rabbi David Wolpe Sinai Temple, Los Angeles

"Marc Bennett’s The History of the Star of David captures both the energy and spirit of the Jewish people in a uniquely ancient and contemporary way. And his vision, to see the work displayed throughout the world, demonstrates the high level of passion and commitment he brings to Jewish life."
Jerry Silverman President & CEO
The Jewish Federations of North America

"The History of the Star of David is a radiant work of art that serves as a daily reminder of the tremendous journey the Jewish people have endured and our shared role in crafting the next great chapter in Jewish history. We are honored to have it prominently displayed at Yad Vashem in Israel and in our offices in NYC."
Ron B. Meier, PhD Executive Director
American Society for Yad Vashem

"We are proud to embark on this innovative philanthropic partnership with The History of Star of David project and grateful for its commitment to supporting Soroka Medical Center’s life-saving mission and healing arts impact at the Legacy Heritage Oncology Center."
Rachel Heisler Sheinfeld Executive Director
American Friends of Soroka Medical Center

"The History of the Star of David is a powerful artwork that embraces our past as well as the hope and commitment that we as Jewish people have for the safe and strong future of Israel."
Ofir Fisher Executive Vice President & Co-Founder
The OR Movement
"Building the Future of Israel”

"Our students were highly engaged and inspired to have the artist Marc Bennett personally speak at Solomon Schechter about The History of the Star of David project. The artwork is not only visually appealing but helped our students have a deeper understanding of Jewish culture and history by following the remarkable journey of the Magen David over the centuries."
Lena KushnirFormer Principal / Assistant Head of School
Solomon Schechter Day School of Metropolitan Chicago

"The History of the Star of David brings to life our rich history, triumphs, and struggles, as well as our promising and vibrant future. It evokes a sense of survival and determination, as well as a celebration of Jewish culture, tradition and faith. We're honored to have it as a major piece of art in our synagogue."
Rabbi Mendel MintzThe Aspen Jewish Community Center

"The History of the Star of David powerfully reflects the complexity, beauty and strength of Jewish peoplehood and the State of Israel. I believe it is more than just an engaging work of art, but a timeless and vivid cultural landmark that is a symbol of hope for our future."
Ambassador Ido AharoniFormer Consul General of Israel

"A visual diary of the evolution of the emblem of Israel. Thanks to Marc's research and vivid artistic rendition, we can appreciate this important aspect of our Jewish history."
Barbara HinesArtist

"You can take a virtual Jewish time travel trip by meditating on Marc Bennett's artwork, The History of the Star of David. Thank you, Mr. Bennett, for your amazing work in helping to honor the Star - our most iconic and powerful Jewish symbol."
Dr. Rob Norman Author
The Star of David: A Popular History of the Mysterious Hexagram

"We were very excited to host The History of The Star of David project in our Temple’s main art gallery. The exhibition was both beautiful and educational and we were thrilled when the large scale artwork was donated to the Temple by two daughters in honor of their father, a Holocaust survivor and longtime member of Sinai Temple. The piece is now proudly displayed on one of our major walls for the entire membership and community to enjoy for many years to come."
Howard LesnerExecutive Director
Sinai Temple, Los Angeles

"The History of the Star of David speaks volumes for the Jewish nation. The artist, Marc Bennett, has created a profound and colorful artistic vehicle to educate children, as well as adults, about Jewish history, culture and identity through the evolution of the Magen David, one of the most recognizable, yet least understood, symbols on the planet."
Nurit GreengerExecutive Director
Western Civilization Heritage Israel Program Center

"How can an image, a symbol, represent our peoplehood? Bennett explored that question with his thought-provoking art, examining the Magen David in its different manifestations. The Star of David has its derivations in decorative and mystical purposes, to a symbol representing Jewish identity, Zionism and our homeland. Bennett’s art represents all of that in a profound manner."
Yuval DavidActor, Filmmaker, News Commentator

"This is a significant opportunity for Soroka Medical Center that will support our life-saving mission. The artwork’s intrinsic optimism for the future reflects Soroka’s current strategic role for the State of Israel, enabling the transformative development of the Negev region"
Dr. Shlomi Codish Director General
Soroka Medical Center

"This is a beautiful work of art that highlights the centrality of the Magen David to Jewish history - through the darkest of hours, when it was the badge of our abandonment, to these most life-affirming of times, as a symbol of our revived statehood."
David HorovitzEditor
The Times of Israel

"Bennett's artwork combines the pop sensibility of Andy Warhol with the mythological references and bold colors of Marc Chagall. Aside from being simply stunning and a wonderful compliment to the architecture, The History of the Star of David communicates the beauty, spirituality and tragedy of our shared history."
Arthur ChabonArchitect
The Aspen Jewish Community Center

"The History of the Star of David transcends cultural barriers with its message of perseverance in overcoming adversity. I believe it will quickly become a cultural landmark that will uplift all who view it at Soroka Medical Center, serving as a beacon of life and hope for the thriving communities of Israel's Negev region."
Ambassador Dani DayanConsul General of Israel in New York

"In my work, the Star of David has chilling connotations. The Jewish Yellow Star was one of exclusion, shame and terror imposed by the Nazi's. Artist Marc Bennett overcomes the despair and tells the true story in The History of the Star of David, one of self determination, pride and a future which celebrates Jewish life in its many wonderful dimensions."
Stephen D. Smith, PhDExecutive Director
USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education

"Marc Bennett's The History of the Star of David is a compelling and unique artwork which offers a beautiful and colorful perspective of our shared history. Marc’s philosophy and energy surrounding the creation of this piece has been a meaningful experience for me, and it is a privilege for our family foundation to support the exposure of this inspiring and educational piece in museums and institutions where it can be appreciated by as many people as possible."
Melinda GoldrichThe Goldrich Family Foundation

"The Star of David echoes in nearly every era of history, now captured in Bennett’s artwork in a kaleidoscope of colors, beckoning every member of the human race, both Jew and Gentile alike, to bear witness to this unyielding indomitable spirit of struggle and resilience, of hope, and the longing to be free."
Chloe ValdaryPro-Israel Political Activist and Zionist

"The History of the Star of David makes you stop and think. It is engaging, contemporary, inspiring and a timeless embodiment of "Am Yisrael Chai." The nation of Israel lives."
Doug Seserman CEO
American Associates of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Former President & CEO

"In the front atrium of our museum visitors are greeted by Marc Bennett's The History of the Star of David, a luminous montage that spans the rich tapestry of Jewish History and Experience. The reflective colors and depth of imagery draw the viewer in to learn these compelling histories, each, like the legacy of our 50 year old Museum, uniquely meaningful and deeply educational."Samara Hutman Former Executive Director
Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

"The mystical and realistic inspiration of The History of the Star of David created by artist Marc Bennett transmits to each of us the commitment of ahavat Israel, the love of the Jewish people. Where there is a mezuzah outside on the door, let's put the MAGEN DAVID inside on the wall."
Cantor Emil Levy Delray Beach, Florida

"Marc Bennett’s visually engaging The History of the Star of David gives further life to a symbol of Jewish culture that has prevailed for millennia. This is particularly true of the Chuppa Stone detail (second row, first image from the left), engraved with the Star of David, from the baroque synagogue in Altenkunstadt, Germany. This symbol of Jewish heritage was destroyed by the Nazis during "Kristallnacht" in 1938, but restored in 1988 - a testament to the enduring "Chai" of "The Star of David.""
Eugene Marlow, PhD Professor
Baruch College
Producer / Composer
The documentary film: "Zikkaron / Kristallnacht: A Family Story"

"The large The History of the Star of David artwork in our corporate lobby entrance is like my own life-size mezuzah, reminding me of the history and strength of the Jewish people and inspiring me to live each day to the fullest."
Stuart Zall President
The Zall Company, Denver

"Design is a dynamic process and is most important to create spaces and environments that enhance and reflect one's life. This artwork's luminescent color, visual rhythm and emotional narrative, will be a beautiful and inspiring addition to any environment. And the larger the scale of the piece, the more powerful and engaging it becomes."
Laura Hunt Interior Designer
Architectural Digest's "AD 100” List

"Viewing The History of the Star of David made me feel like I just got a huge hug."
Francie Ross Minneapolis, Minnesota

"While complex and beautiful in its structure, Bennett's modern approach in The History of the Star of David is one we can all relate to. He presents a direct view into the ancient history of our iconic symbol with this bold and masterful artwork."
David ZeigermanArt Collector
New York, New York

"The Star of David is among the most mystical and magnificent trademarks of Judaica, and The History of the Star of David captures its breathtaking history. This beautifully crafted, artistic chronology proudly weaves a tale of survival that resonates with all those who appreciate beauty and timelessness in art."
Inna and David Effress
Los Angeles, California