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Star of David Art Institutional

A limited edition institutional sized The History of the Star of David artwork at 7 x 10.5 feet in the Aspen JCC grand entry hall.

This artwork is a 21st century testament to the history and survival of the Jewish people and is now available for your synagogue, jcc, school or institution with educational components and programs.

We would like to invite your synagogue, JCC, school, museum or institution to acquire this inspiring and educational piece of art which brings to life the rich history of triumphs and struggles as witnessed by Judaism's most sacred symbol, while offering hope and promise for future survival.

The History of the Star of David project advocates for both education and giving back, as these are two pillars of Jewish heritage. It is in this spirit that the artist, Marc Bennett, has partnered with many Jewish institutions to share the educational message of The History of the Star of David art with a wider audience.

Not only is this a beautiful piece that could grace the walls of any institution but the educational aspects illuminated by The History of the Star of David are impactful, relatable, and cross-culturally significant. Bennett has hosted many talks, children's art workshops, and programs intended to enhance the learning value of the art, and promote Jewish history and cultural engagement.

Bennett’s artwork has created something of a movement, inspiring many notable Jewish centers to invite him to share his artwork and programs there. A number of prestigious institutions have already acquired pieces;

Museums: Yad Vashem, Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, the Holocaust Documentation & Education Center & Museum in South Florida

Synagogues & JCCs: Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, Aspen Jewish Community Center, Chabad Center for Jewish Life in Newport Beach, JCC Ranch Camp in Colorado

Institutions: The Jona Goldrich Center for Digital Storytelling at USC Shoah Foundation - The Institute for Visual History and Education, Soroka Medical Center in Israel.

Additionally the project has formed a philanthropic partnership with Soroka Medical Center, Israel's most vital medical center, to support their life saving mission. In the spirit of tzedakah 10% of all worldwide art and merchandise sales will be donated to Soroka Medical Center in perpetuity. As the national airline of Israel, EL AL takes its responsibility as a cultural ambassador very seriously and has joined us as our corporate partner, to help promote The History of the Star of David artwork.

Please join us in celebrating Jewish Culture, History, and Identity by clicking below to inquire about special institutional pricing and the various educational components and programs that are available for your institution. Include your contact information and someone from our Star of David team will contact you right away.

All the best,
The History of the Star of David Team


Art that Draws us Together...

The History of the Star of David is a radiant work of art that serves as a daily reminder of the tremendous journey the Jewish people have endured and our shared role in crafting the next great chapter in Jewish history. We are honored to have it prominently displayed at Yad Vashem in Israel and in our offices in NYC and Los Angeles.
Ron B. Meier, PhD
Executive Director
American Society for Yad Vashem


The History of the Star of David brings to life our rich history, triumphs, and struggles, as well as our promising and vibrant future. It evokes a sense of survival and determination, as well as a celebration of Jewish culture, tradition and faith. We're honored to have it as a major piece of art in our synagogue.
Rabbi Mendel Mintz
The Aspen Jewish Community Center


“In my work, the Star of David has chilling connotations. The Jewish Yellow Star was one of exclusion, shame and terror imposed by the Nazi's. Artist Marc Bennett overcomes the despair and tells the true story in The History of the Star of David, one of self determination, pride and a future which celebrates Jewish life in its many wonderful dimensions.
Stephen D. Smith, PhD
Executive Director
USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History & Education


The History of the Star of David transcends cultural barriers with its message of perseverance in overcoming adversity. I believe it will quickly become a cultural landmark that will lift up all who view it at Soroka Medical Center, serving as a beacon of life and hope for the thriving communities of Israel's Negev region.
Ambassador Dani Dayan
Consul General of Israel in New York

Soroka Medical Center