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The Star of David Takes Flight

EL AL partners with the American Friends of Soroka Medical Center announce partnership to Bring The History of the Star of David Artwork to Israel

As the national airline of Israel, EL AL takes its responsibility as a cultural ambassador very seriously. Since 1948, with EL AL’s maiden flight from Geneva, Switzerland to Tel Aviv; the carrier’s fleet has proudly displayed the flag of the State of Israel on its aircraft’s tails. In this spirit, EL AL announces a partnership with the American Friends of Soroka Medical Center to bring The History of the Star of David artwork to Israel. Through this partnership EL AL will expand visibility for Soroka’s philanthropic art project by sharing its inspirational message with more than 600,000 of EL AL’s best customers.

“We are proud to partner with Soroka Medical Center on such a culturally momentous project,” remarks Yoram Elgrabli, managing director North and Central America EL AL. “It is also our pleasure to share this unique work of art with the Jewish community worldwide.”

Artist and filmmaker Marc Bennett’s artwork serves as a time capsule that invites us to discover the centuries-long evolution of Judaism’s iconic star. The medical center commissioned Bennett to create a monumental installation of this artwork, which will be the largest of its kind, standing 16 feet tall and spanning 24 feet wide. This permanent installation will become the focal point for the Healing Garden adjacent to Soroka’s Legacy Heritage Oncology Center and Dr. Larry Norton Institute, set to be installed spring 2020 at the Soroka campus in Be’er Sheva.

“This is a significant opportunity for Soroka Medical Center that will support our life-saving mission.” States Dr. Shlomi Codish, Director General for Soroka Medical Center. “The artwork’s intrinsic optimism for the future reflects Soroka’s current strategic role for the State of Israel, enabling the transformative development of the Negev region.”

EL AL will transport The History of the Star of David artwork from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv, traversing 7,537 miles across the globe. Ten percent of all worldwide art and related merchandise sales will be donated to Israel’s most strategic medical center in perpetuity through this project. Additionally, the airline will work with the artist and Soroka to cross-promote this philanthropic art project by sharing the educational and charitable messages tied to Bennett’s cultural art piece.

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The History of the Star of David by Marc Bennett is an artwork that explores the long and complex history of the Star of David through 18 iterations of its use spanning centuries. The artwork allows viewers to bear witness to the depths and heights of the journey of the Jewish people. The History of the Star of David artwork both inspires and educates the public on the development of this symbol and the meanings it has come to evoke as a result of its proliferation from remote antiquity up to the current State of Israel in the twenty-first century. It evokes a sense of survival and determination, as well as a celebration of Jewish culture, tradition and faith.

Marc Bennett is an artist and filmmaker from Brooklyn, NY and is a member of the Directors Guild of America. Bennett received his education at The Brooklyn Museum Art School, The School of Visual Arts in New York City, and Otis Parsons and Art Center in Los Angeles. Bennett has been honored with numerous awards including; the Art of California Magazine’s “Discovery Award,” the Stamford Art Association’s “Color Award,” and was honored with the World Medal from the New York Festival’s Television Advertising Awards. Bennett’s artwork has been used in campaigns to raise money and awareness for numerous organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and the Museum of Tolerance. Bennett’s current directorial projects include; The Tattooed Torah, featuring Ed Asner’s voice narrating the renowned children’s book, and I Ride for the Living, an inspirational story about the annual bike ride from Auschwitz to the JCC Krakow. Bennett is committed to art and film as visual languages that entertain, educate, enlighten, and inspire positive change worldwide.

Soroka Medical Center is Israel’s leading healthcare institution. Located in Be’er Sheva, it is the sole medical center in the entire Negev, one of the country’s most diverse and fastest-growing areas. Soroka serves over 1.2 million residents, including over 400,000 children, in a region that comprises 60 percent of Israel’s land. With two medical schools, a proven record of producing groundbreaking research and life-saving treatments and an extraordinary staff, Soroka offers exceptional healthcare for all, regardless of race, religion, or politics. This unique institution, founded in 1959, exemplifies a deep commitment to outstanding medical care, peaceful coexistence in action and medical research that has a global impact.

EL AL Israel Airlines, Israel's national airline, established in 1948, offers more nonstop flights than any other airline to/from Israel. EL AL currently flies to 40 destinations from Israel, serves hundreds of other destinations throughout the world via codeshare, and interline partnerships with many other carriers. As part of EL AL’s fleet renewal, the airline purchased 16 new Dreamliner aircraft, 13 of which are already in operation today, while the remaining planes will gradually enter service in early 2020. New destinations to be served by EL AL on nonstop flights in 2020 include: Tokyo, Chicago, Dublin and Dusseldorf. In 2018, EL AL flew over 5.6 million passengers. EL AL embodies Israel’s values of innovation and caring and is known for its genuine Israeli hospitality.